Funding the development of low-cost sustainable energy to power the blockchain economy


Digital Energy Currency ($DEC) is utilized as a smart off-take agreement (SOTA), designed by PermianChain Technologies to enable P2P trading on a decentralized energy exchange for cryptocurrency miners to secure low-cost sustainable electricity from PermianChain’s energy pool.

$DEC holders carry a digital receipt that proves ownership rights to a certain volume of energy reserves (after being transferred and converted into units of power). The SOTA tokenization process transfers every kilowatt (kW) generated by the volume of energy reserves that is registered on the PermianChain platform into a digital ERC20 token, ensuring that $DEC holders can efficiently buy and sell energy for compute power on a dedicated digital platform.



Getting energy to market requires significant initial capital expenditure. Conflicts related to off-take agreements can arise from various factors such as:


Termination of contracts


Price review negotiations


Unforeseen events








Dispute resolution

All are major challenges for energy suppliers and crypto-miners to consider. The lack of transparency throughout the supply chain, from extraction, power generation to trading, can lead to the mismanagement and misappropriation of revenues.


Blockchain data centres running Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms demand increasing power to secure their networks. Meanwhile, crypto-mining projects are often too expensive to proceed because the cost of power is too unstable for them to manage expectations on future profits.


PermianChain works with third-party operators to register and tokenize energy resources that has been converted into power (kWh) that can be used to power affordable data centres on location. The $DEC provides a bridge to secure low-cost and fixed pricing of the kilowatts generated from the energy source. Allowing instant trading and settlement. $DEC’s utility on the PermianChain is streamlining real-time revenue-generation for the energy suppliers.

How it works

The $DEC is simple to use for the crypto miners that need the energy, and simple to implement for the energy companies that have energy resources to offer. $DEC offers two key benefits on the current situation:

1. It stops crypto activities competing with existing businesses and individuals for power, taking away the pressure on national grids. By removing the risk of blackouts, you reduce the risk of a government clampdown; and

2. It also reduces that impact that both the crypto and the energy sectors would have on the environment. By improving the way that crypto-miners use energy, you enhance perceptions of the sector and potentially attract more liquidity.

$DEC: Making it simple to trade efficiently, reducing costs and attracting new investors

The energy sector is phenomenally complex. Natural resources need to be sourced from producers, transported, stored, blended and delivered.

A myriad of organizations are involved during the supply and refinement process creating a complex flow of information.

Disruption is common and adds cost, but the blockchain could enhance information flow, speeding the process up and reducing waste and cost.

PermianChain’s blockchain-based digital energy currency ($DEC) lets token holders buy and sell processing power quickly and efficiently.

Information flows transparently between stakeholders, reducing waste and helping bring down the cost of both trade and power.

Join us as we put an end to the rolling disaster that has the potential to smother the crypto economy’s myriad of potential enhancements.

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New revenue from wasted/stranded energy

$DEC enables energy projects to unlock a new revenue stream from a previously wasted and stranded resources.

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Driving down the cost of power

$DEC enables crypto-mining projects that require blockchain data centres to enjoy access to affordable power.

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Unlocking value in P2P energy trading

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading of $DEC on decentralized exchanges (DEX) creates an open market for previously wasted and stranded energy resources.



  • Token Name
    Digital Energy Currency
  • Token Symbol
  • Token List Price (USD)
  • Exchange
  • Pairs
  • Token Contract


  • Maximum Supply
  • Reserves
    Total supply of DEC tokens reserved for future natural gas power generation supply. Reserve tokens would be locked for 365 days.
  • Token Float
    The total supply of DEC tokens to be offered to PermianChain platform users who want to purchase electricity for their blockchain computing power (i.e. Bitcoin mining). DEC tokens will only be released to the PermianChain platform in proportion to electricity (kWh) registered onto the platform to ensure 1 kW for each floating DEC token.
  • Restricted Tokens
    Total supply of DEC tokens reserved founders, team members and advisors. Restricted tokens are locked-up for 180 days from the day of distribution
Use of $DEC
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Who we are

Our Team


Mohamed El-Masri

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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Pratik Shah

Chief Operating Officer


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Xiao Peng

Software Engineer

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DEC is deployed on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 smart contract. At the time of writing, Ethereum is the 2nd largest Blockchain network in the world after Bitcoin.

DEC is a utility token issued by PermianChain Technologies for its customers to buy and sell digital energy in a peer-to-peer model.

DEC is a pure utility token that is being used on the PermianChain platforms by energy suppliers and blockchain miners to secure and pay for electricity.

You can buy DEC on the PermianChain Miner platform or you can buy it using UniSwap on our website. See the Buy Token section for more details.

There will only be a maximum of 1,500,000,000 DEC ever created. Initially the circulating supply will be around 200,0000,000 DEC. In the future, DEC will only be issued in proportion to its purchasing power which means only when additional energy reserves are registered by energy suppliers on the PermianChain platforms (read our Whitepaper for more details).

Price of DEC is determined initially by PermianChain and it is set at US$0.035/DEC. However price will be determined by the market on the decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. PermianChain will work on commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the purchasing power of DEC remains positive on the PermianChain by controlling the supply in circulation versus the energy reserves available for purchase.

It is up to you to decide what to do with your DEC tokens. The DEC is available on your wallet (i.e., MetaMask) and will remain in your possession. You can sell it on the DEX (i.e., Uniswap) or use it to pay for your energy consumption on PermianChain Miner if you are mining digital asset.

No, you can hold DEC whether you are a user of PermianChain Miner or not. However, you will have more advantages and features available to you on PermianChain Miner and you can make real use of your DEC if you were a user of PermianChain Miner.

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Digital Energy Currency (DEC) project is developed by PermianChain Technologies, a Toronto-based technology company that is focused on bringing efficiencies of the blockchain to natural resources. Creating value in resource finance and sustainability.

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